We believe in friendly and family enviroment where people can learn and serve people latest and appropriate technologies


About Us

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.


We are extensive orginaization involved in software development and web solutions where our infrangible promise lead us to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to meet our clients needs with utmost quality.


To leverage modern technology for business growth and success moreover to provide our employees freedom and responsibility that help them to bulid a trust among peers and increase their productivity and talent.



Where our focus is to deliver advance and remarkable solutions to our clients it is equally important to me to maintain our culture as where every single member of a team can enjoy a peaceful healthy environment and opportunities and I always help them in removing obstacles from their ways in order to get them growing personally and professionally to get the higher level of standards.

Journey Till Now

  • Established in 2009
  • Started with 25 team members
  • Two Branches in our country, Lahore and Islamabad
  • 10 Projects, 4 Clients Worldwide
  • Acquired 800 square feet office area
  • Web Development, Ecommerce Solutions and Designing services
  • Our programming languages php, phyton
  • Used of Google drives for Project Management
2009 - 2013
2013 - 2015
  • Expanded team to 38 members
  • 287 Projects, 190 Clients Worldwide
  • Acquired 3000 square feet area
  • Open Source customization and Business Development services
  • Expended Offices worldwide, Netherland, Australia, England, Sweden
  • Ranked among top 5000 companies worldwide and top 300 in Pakistan
  • Bent Towards More Open Source Technologies
  • Started working on Git, Open Source Management
  • Built Better Team Structure
  • Adopted Agile Methodology
  • Expanded team to 48 members
  • 552 Projects, 310 Clients Worldwide
  • Moved to the prime location in Islamabad
  • Expend our Technology
  • Launched dozens of more Mobile apps
  • Improved our Employee's benefit Programs
  • Introduced more bonus schemes
  • Launched Health Insurance Policies for Employees
  • Arranged Trips and Tours for employees relaxation
  • Introduced self-growth Programms for employees
  • Switched to Bascamp for better management and collaboration
  • Stepped into more advance tools like Mongodb, Newrelic, Elasticsearch, VPN and dozens more tools
2015 - Present

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